10 Sober Summer Activities
Sober Activities in the Summer

10 Sober Summer Activities

10 Sober Summer Activities Summer is just about here! This is the time that the sun is out, things start to warm up, and people tend to spend more time out and about. So as you think about how to spend your summer, here are ten ideas for sober activities in the warm summer months:

  1. Get active. Re-start your outdoor fitness goals if you live someplace where the winter has kept you inside.
  2. If the heat gets you, take advantage of those early mornings or cooler evenings.
  3. Spend time at the pool or the beach – in the cool water, reading a book, etc.
  4. Outdoor games or sports like volleyball, baseball, cornhole, bocce ball, etc.
  5. Get out into nature. Go on a hike or even a day trip.
  6. Have a picnic, and serve yourself iced tea or lemonade.
  7. Pretend you’re a tourist. Check out local museums and landmarks.
  8. Attend food events and festivals. Take a look at your local summer events calendar. Bacon fest anyone?
  9. Concerts. Many communities have a Concert in the Park series, or outdoor music events.
  10. The movies. Some communities have outdoor cinema events, or at the very least an air conditioned theater.

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