Top 5 reasons you should go to a rehab
Top 5 reasons you should go to a rehab

Top 5 reasons you should go to a rehab

Top 5 reasons you should go to a rehab One of the most popular reasons we avoid seeking addiction treatment is because we blame ourselves for our addiction. This self-hating behavior perpetuates our fear of addiction treatment and our feelings that stopped us from seeking addiction treatment in the first place. But rehabilitation is a rare and potentially enjoyable experience that lets us begin a lifetime of healthy habits. Just like going for jogs or learning to cook healthier can be intimidating and embarrassing the first time we try, so can any health activity. We just need to understand the biggest reasons we should be looking for recovery. Below are five (of many) great reasons why you should go to rehab:

Reason 1 – Addiction is a physical illness

Our brain is hard-wired for addiction, from the dopamine rush of small victories in video games or poker, to how we can feel empty, incomplete, and longing when we’re missing a substance we’ve been relying on. That’s because addiction physically hijacks the receptors in our brain that are otherwise reserved for natural, healthy hormones.

As it progresses, addiction can physically affect more and more of your body. From raising our blood pressure to the horrible symptoms of withdrawal as we try to quit. For certain substances, especially opiates, professional care is essential. Withdrawal symptoms can last for weeks, and if unmediated and unregulated, can even be deadly. Always rely on a professional to monitor your health and guide you through the recovery process.

Reason 2 – Addiction rehabilitation is not your burden alone.

Addiction has been suspected to be an inter-generational concern, spreading easily from parent to child, or through other family members. Without even knowing it, subtle habits from parents, friends, or family could have made you more susceptible to addiction. As we understand addiction better, we are realizing that overdose deaths and addiction-related incidents are on a severe rise in recent years. Millions of people are suffering with addiction. If as many as 70,000 Americans die a year from addiction, you shouldn’t hesitate to find proper care. Millions of others are in need of addiction recovery care, you shouldn’t feel any different.

Reason 3 – We need to help you find the best recovery path.

At AToN, we believe each of our recovery guests has to experience rehabilitation through their own path. All of us have our own reasons on why we seek treatment. Just like certain medicines don’t work with certain immune systems, different rehab programs spark a different reaction out of us. It’s important for us to attend a program that meets and addresses your unique needs and interests.

Reason 4 – SMART Addiction recovery

Unlike complicated or faith-based programs, SMART follows 4 simple, and universal, tenants: Building motivation, coping with urges, self-reflection, and living a balanced life. Our SMART program offers great alternative to the typical 12-step program or AA, focusing more on cognitive health patterns such as keeping a positive mindset and motivation.

Reason 5 – Rehabilitation can be empowering

The goal of a successful rehab is a lifetime free from addiction. That means more than just detoxing and letting you go. A great rehab builds your skills, gives you life experience, and motivates you towards health and productivity in your own personal life.

What will be your top 5 reasons for going to rehab? Call us and we can help you find out.

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