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A Recovery Christmas Carol

A Recovery Christmas Carol

A Recovery Christmas Carol

Sober for The HolidaysDuring the holidays I will often access my inner Charles Dickens and ask residents to reflect on their recovery from an Ebenezer Scrooge perspective.

When facilitating groups on Christmas or other holidays I will ask residents how they spent their Christmas last year. They will often recall missing family events and holiday festivities because they were too consumed and obsessed with their drinking or using. When considering the present Christmas most residents wish they could be celebrating with their loved ones outside of treatment but typically are grateful that they are in a safe, sober environment.

Residents and then encouraged to think about what the next Christmas could be like if they put in the efforts and energy to focus on maintaining their recovery. They are typically able to imagine being more present, connected and engaged in their own traditions and community. They can see how they could get away from going through the motions so they can get back to use but instead truly being able to celebrate and rejoice in the meaning of the season.

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