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AToN Residents Have a Decrease in Overall Symptomology Upon Discharge

AToN Residents Have a Decrease in Overall
Symptomology Upon Discharge

Residents at AToN Center Experience Decreased Urges and Decreased Symptoms

As our resident’s progress in treatment is of the upmost importance, AToN Center conducted weekly assessments with our residents.  Residents completed the Brief Symptom Inventory (BSI) and the Urge to Use scale, which assessed the following domains:

  • Somatization
  • Obsessive Compulsive Symptoms
  • Interpersonal Sensitivity
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Hostility
  • Phobic Anxiety
  • Paranoid Ideation
  • Psychoticism
  • Urges to Use

AToN residents had a consistent decrease in overall symptoms as demonstrated in the chart below: 

Resident’s Urge to Use decreased significantly between weeks 1-3 in particular.  Additionally, these decreases were considered a large effect when reviewing the partial eta-squared (.69).

Every single scale on the Brief Symptom Inventory demonstrated a significant decrease in symptoms from week one to week two.  Five scales significantly decreased between weeks one, two and three.  Finally, two scales significantly decreased every single week; and these scales were overall scales.  The largest effect sizes found in the BSI were in Global Severity Index (.78), Positive Symptom Distress Index (.73), Depression (.67) and Anxiety (.64).  See the below charts for further information:

Statistically Significant in Weeks 1-4 with Partial Eta Squared

Global Severity Index (.78)

Positive Symptom Distress Index (.73)


Statistically Significant in Weeks 1-3 with Partial Eta Squared

Anxiety (.743)

Depression .(672)

Positive Symptom Total (.66)

Psychosis (.608)

Obsessive Compulsive (.59)


Statistically Significant in Weeks 1-2 with Partial Eta Squared

Somatization (.64)

Paranoia (.510)

Hostility (.519)

Interpersonal Sensitivity (.48)

Phobia (.385)

Residents who attend treatment at AToN Center can reasonably expect to experience a decrease in overall symptoms on a significant level.  Additionally, symptoms of depression and anxiety tend to decrease the most.  For a more thorough and in depth review, click here.

Here is our ongoing research for your review:

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