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Addiction Treatment in San Diego

What is Addiction?

Addiction Treatment in San Diego

Addiction has become a national problem that affects millions of Americans, triggering a person to experience an uncontrollable impulse to use drugs or alcohol to the point that it negatively impacts their life. Addiction looks at the interconnection between biology, psychology, and socio-environmental factors and is characterized by this mindset that seeks a “high” state of mind despite harm and adverse consequences to self and others. A person with the disease of addiction exhibits addition behavior, this can be a physical or mental dependence requiring withdrawal, or a substance use disorder where the use of drugs, alcohol or drugs and alcohol – lead to social, familial, and daily life impairment.

Where can I find Addiction Treatment?

Alcohol and drug addiction help can include therapy, addiction centers, and other local resources for those ready to deal with their drug use problems. Locating the ideal treatment center is crucial in being successful on a recovery journey. Some things to take into consideration when looking at treatment centers is the length of stay a facility offers, finding out if your insurance coverage will be accepted, the types of therapy offered both in groups and individually, the staff credentials and other services that are provided. One of the most important points is to feel comfortable with the atmosphere and the therapy and treatment services a facility offers.

Alcohol and drug addiction help can include therapy, addiction centers, and other local resources for those ready to deal with their drug use problems. Locating the ideal treatment center is crucial in being successful on a recovery journey. Some things to take into consideration when looking at treatment centers is the length of stay a facility offers, finding out if your insurance coverage will be accepted, the types of therapy offered both in groups and individually, the staff credentials and other services that are provided. One of the most important points is to feel comfortable with the atmosphere and the therapy and treatment services a facility offers.

San Diego Addiction Treatment Facility “AToN Center” is an Often Sought Destination

AToN Center is a luxury alcohol and drug residential treatment facility that caters to the executive, the housewife, the young adult, anyone who is ready to stop drinking and using – regardless of what their situation is. Our specialty is our clinical program and our clinical staff. Therapy is provided to meet an individual’s needs, there is no cookie cutter solution to staying sober. Our staff to client ratio is purposely designed to give our clients the individual care required to ensure their safe recovery.

Addiction from any type of substance, being drugs or alcohol, can trigger numerous effects for a client. Using drugs and alcohol for long periods of time can impact each person differently. Withdrawal is based on the type of drug used or the amount of alcohol consumed, if it was daily, hourly, weekly, and most important – any other underlying health problems that might exist.

Symptoms of Addiction

There are many symptoms of addiction that each person experiences when they are having problems with substance use. Some may experience some of these symptoms, while others will experience all of them. All of this depends on the type of use, how often and how much is being used. Below are some potential signs and symptoms of drug or alcohol addiction:

  • Needing to take the substance or alcohol often– daily or occasionally several times a day
  • Spending money on the substance, despite difficulty with finances
  • Over time, requiring more and more of the drug to feel “normal”
  • Keeping a consistent supply of the substance or drug
  • Feeling an extreme desire for the substance that blocks out any other ideas
  • Unsuccessful attempts to quit using
  • Increasing the amount of the drug or amount of alcohol over time
  • Taking part in risky behaviors in order to get the drug such as deceiving or stealing
  • Missing out on responsibilities with relatives, good friends, education, or work
  • Becoming obsessive either using the substance, thinking about it, or contemplating how to get more
  • Experiencing physical or mental craving, or physical discomfort when you stop for any period of time

What is Prescription Drug Addiction?

Prescription drug addiction begins when a person is sick, or experiencing recovery from a surgery, or pain and visits their doctor who in turn – writes a prescription for the ailment. When someone starts to use the drug more than prescribed or not for medical purposes – this is usually a strong sign of a prescription drug addiction. Usually, when this happens, the one who is addicted to the prescription substance will crave it continuously, take it often, as well as go out of their way to obtain it. Because opiates are prescribed for pain, if one becomes addicted and the doctors stop prescribing, a person can become extremely uncomfortable and find they need detoxification, while others may turn to using street drugs or medicine not prescribed to them.

Symptoms of Prescription Drug Addiction

  • You feel different once a drug subsides. You may feel shaky, nauseous, sweaty, depressed, or have migraines
  • You continue using a drug after no longer needing it for a medical condition
  • You have a difficult time cutting back as well as setting limits on the amount of you take
  • You take part in uncharacteristic habits in order to get substances such as lying or taking money
  • You hide your prescription amount and use from other people
  • Your friend or social group of people changes

Drug Rehab and Treatment

An addiction to drugs can be treated, but it can be incredibly challenging, requiring a lot of work.

“Because addiction is a chronic disease, people can’t simply stop using drugs for a few days and be cured. Most patients need long-term or repeated care to stop using completely and recover their lives.” (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2019)

There are many treatment protocols that can be used to treat a drug addiction problem. Usually, the first step in drug addiction treatment is detoxification, followed up with a residential treatment program that consists of evaluations for other disorders, medications, counseling, support groups, holistic care, and lastly there is follow-up care known as out-patient treatment.

What is an Alcohol Use Disorder?

According to the Mayo Clinic – “Alcohol use disorder (which includes a level that’s sometimes called alcoholism) is a pattern of alcohol use that involves problems controlling your drinking, being preoccupied with alcohol, continuing to use alcohol even when it causes problems, having to drink more to get the same effect, or having withdrawal symptoms when you rapidly decrease or stop drinking.”

Alcohol is one of the most abused legal substances in America. Daily drinking and stopping cold turkey can put a person into alcohol detoxification. This is incredibly unsafe and possibly life threatening to an individual if not treated properly.

AToN Center’s alcohol rehab program treats alcoholism with a wide variety of treatment approaches created to assist our clients so they can move easily into recovery. We treat dependency in its entirety, as opposed to dealing with a dependency to substances or alcohol separately. We establish the factors behind why someone drinking, the effects of the addictive habits and appropriate coping methods to resolve these problems.

Addiction to Alcohol

For someone who loves to drink – realizing that alcohol has become a problem and it is time to stop is hard to accept. Most alcoholics know deep inside they should stop but can’t. To admit drinking is causing problems is very hard and because alcohol is a depressant – at times it is hard to decipher clinical depression and alcoholism.

Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse

  • Increased amount or frequency of use
  • Increased sleepiness, clinical depression, or other emotional concerns
  • High tolerance for alcohol, or no “hangover” signs and symptoms
  • Changes in relationships; somebody with an alcoholism may select friends that likewise drink like they do
  • Taking part in risky habits in order to get alcohol
  • Requiring alcohol to operate in everyday life
  • Drinking at improper times, such as first thing in the early morning, or in places like church or work
  • Wanting to be where alcohol exists as well as avoiding situations where there is none
  • Avoiding contact with loved ones
  • Hiding alcohol, or avoiding people while drinking

Many people overcome alcohol abuse as well as addiction, there are alcohol treatment options available in almost every community. San Diego has local resources that range from Alcoholics Anonymous and SMART Recovery meetings, to addiction treatment centers such as ours offering detoxification and residential addiction treatment. Upon leaving this more acute environment there is a step down process to outpatient drug and alcohol programs that can address the problem and help a person live sober and find a life without alcohol.

“Many people struggle with controlling their drinking at some time in their lives. Approximately 17 million adults ages 18 and older have an alcohol use disorder (AUD) and 1 in 10 children live in a home with a parent who has a drinking problem.” (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 2014)

AToN Center in San Diego is a luxury detox and residential treatment facility that is very successful in treating alcoholism. The first step is to call and speak to our staff, we will guide you through the process to find the right help.

Detoxing from Alcohol at AToN Center

At AToN Center, our master’s level, medically trained staff aid in alcohol detoxification to make certain the best and most comfortable choices are applied while being in a safe and comfortable in our beautiful home setting. Our alcohol detox program addresses all elements of detoxification and withdrawal, ensuring that each of our clients are nurtured mind, body and soul while undergoing the withdrawal process.

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

It is normal to experience a variety of withdrawal symptoms when choosing to stop drinking alcohol. AToN Center screens every client so that together we know the right level of care for the detoxification process.

  • Anxiety
  • Sweating
  • Restlessness
  • Chills
  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Insomnia

Risk Factors for Addiction and Alcoholism

There has been a lot of research throughout the years to determine risk factors for addiction and alcoholism. There is great deal of variables that can add to a person’s danger for substance use disorder, but not everybody with those risk factors become addicted.

Some variables that might add to the risk for alcoholism and addiction consist of:

  • Family history or genes
  • Mental health concerns
  • Trauma exposure
  • Environmental factors
  • Behavior or impulse control issues
  • Age of first use

It’s important to be aware of these risks so if you find yourself using more than you want – you can understand that help is just a phone call away.

Tips for Selecting the Right Addiction and Alcohol Treatment Facility

You may be wondering what types of things you should be looking for in an alcohol treatment center. There are some things that will be helpful to find out prior to making a decision on where to go. When seeking an addiction or alcohol rehabilitation center on your own or for a loved one, it is necessary to find the right fit for your needs. To locate the very best choice, the initial step is to obtain as much information as you can regarding the facility. Below are several of the concerns you may wish to ask when identifying what alcohol and drug treatment facility is right for you:

  • Is 12-step programming a must?
  • Are there 12-step alternatives?
  • Is there a daily schedule all clients follow or is each client treated uniquely?
  • Is there a chef?
  • Do you offer massage?
  • Is insurance accepted?
  • What holistic approaches are used?
  • Is therapy customized for each individual?
  • What type of therapy does the center provide?
  • How is therapy success gauged?

AToN Center is unique in regard to outside support – we offer the ability to find the right fit. Some clients come to us with a desire for 12-step support groups while others are against them – at AToN Center we only ask that you find the best fir for you and introduce you to several 12-step and non 12-step options. In regard to scheduling – this is decided between you and your treatment team. There is not a mandatory daily schedule.

AToN Center’s clinical team is outstanding. Therapy at the facility is based on the needs of each person – here is an example – a client came San Diego for addiction treatment from New York – he was a husband and father – after several weeks with us and doing phone calls with his wife and children, his wife was able to come visit and stayed a week, of course we accommodated therapy to include her because that was best for the client. Another example, a woman came into treatment drinking daily and very depressed, a very traumatic event in her life was uncovered, she needed more individual sessions per week – that was clinically indicated and therefor offered. Once a client comes to AToN Center and we do our clinical assessment, together, client and treatment team put together the best plan to address what is needed.

AToN Center offers a luxury environment, delicious meals, and ancillary therapies based on the need of each individual. Yes, we have Yoga, acupuncture, massages, physical fitness, pool therapy and meditation – but not for all because not all like it – we are truly clinically driven with many options if that is what is best for the person.

AToN Center participated on an outcome study and documents our outcomes. We are eager to have you research our program and compare to any in the country. People come to us from all over the world because we offer outstanding care.

Read more about Research Outcomes.

Substance Rehabilitation at AToN Center

AToN Center is a San Diego drug rehabilitation center that focuses on substance abuse as well as co-occurring mental health problems. Our program offers a range of treatment alternatives for all of our patients to help guarantee the best therapy plan for everyone who comes to our facility.

Several of our treatment alternatives include an evaluation by a medical professional, drug or alcohol detox, extensive cognitive behavior therapy, exposure treatments, recovery study work and much more.

Our extensive substance rehabilitation program helps people by integrating a style that figures out the reason behind someone’s substance use issue, the feelings around it, and also coping methods to deal with the triggers that take place, causing someone to have an urge to use.

We find it necessary to be familiar with our clients on a deep level to truly recognize them as well as what their needs are for their treatment and recovery. We evaluate them to identify what their own beliefs are around therapy as well as recovery to identify the very best plan to ensure that they can stay sober and live a healthy, balanced and satisfying life free from drugs or alcohol.


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