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An Apple a Day…

An Apple a Day…

An Apple a Day...

In treatment at the AToN Center there is often some time given to addressing healthy eating as a part of recovery.  Many residents have shared their own negative experiences with their diets while in the midst of their addiction.  Some tend towards the over eating side – they can indulge in fast food, frozen foods, candy, sodas and other calorically dense items as a way of staving off a hangover or because one’s will power has been diminished by the addiction.

For those struggling with alcohol they often get their calories from those nearly nutrition-free drinks.  Others lose their appetite while using.  A person can stop feeling the legitimate feedback of their hunger pains because their body is saturated with mood altering substances.

A positive sign of recovery is when one’s hunger returns in a more balanced and healthy fashion.  At the AToN Center we promote wellness in food to such an extent that our chef’s often get more compliments than any other staff members.  Remember when you are working on your recovery don’t forget to attend to the energy your body needs.  Avoid the junk and load up on the fruits and vegetables.

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