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AToN Center’s 6 Foundations of Recovery

AToN Center’s 6 Foundations of Recovery

AToN Center's 6 Foundations of RecoveryIn an effort to eliminate the presence of self-destructive and maladaptive behaviors, we subscribe to these basic principles:

AToN Center’s 6 Foundations of Recovery:

1. Maintain motivation: AToN Center believes that motivation can be built rather than it needing to already exist prior to entering treatment.  Building motivation makes a significant difference when facing the temptations to leave treatment, discontinue IOP, or cease going to meetings. Having the motivation to adhere to structure can assist in the prevention of relapse.

2. Cope with craving: Cravings will only last for a period of time and therefore, developing the capacity to wait through them contributes to experiencing cravings less frequently and less intensely.

3. Manage emotions: Emotional flooding is a trigger for relapse.  Applying CBT principles like thought records assist clients in identifying irrational thought patterns and emotional responses. Utilizing these tools can assist clients in developing the ability to manage their emotions effectively.

4. Nurture healthy relationships: Assertiveness training and developing communication skills are important components of the recovery process. AToN Center encourages the building of relationships that will aide in our client’s recovery, while taking a hard look at the ones that aren’t. Solid relationships are helpful to a clients’ overall recovery.

5. Balance your life: Balancing physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual components assist in maintaining recovery. Being out of balance contributes to relapse, and therefore it is important that clients recognize how to care for themselves in each of these areas.

6. Live with a higher purpose: Being of service and getting “out of self” allows clients the opportunity to give back, while also developing a sense of purpose and esteem.

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