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Balance in Life and Recovery

Balance in Life and Recovery

Balance in Life and Recovery

Trying to keep balance in our lives can be difficult because our priorities are always changing.   Your life is balanced if you have a feeling of accomplishment and happiness at the end of each day.  This means you are handling your life and you don’t feel pulled in too many different directions.

Having healthy boundaries is essential, and being to say No, when necessary, is essential.  We can’t accomplish everything that we want to do in one day, so setting priorities and cutting down on unnecessary tasks helps us to maintain balance.  Realizing that you are not a superhero and that you have limitations is also important.   We can’t give a 100% of our time and energy to seven different projects all at once, and often less is more.

If you are feeling that you are being pulled too much in one direction try these steps to get back in balance.

  • Take time to look at your state of mind and how you are really feeling.
  • Are you eating, exercising and sleeping regularly?
  • Make a list of daily, weekly and monthly tasks and set a schedule to achieve these goals.
  • What positive things do you say to yourself to stop self-sabotaging yourself?
  • What keeps you motivated? Find someone to keep you motivated when you are struggling with your demons.
  • Disconnect for the weekend and give your brain a rest.
  • Trim down your schedule if you are feeling overwhelmed.
  • Focus on life not work.
  • Avoid burnout, working 60+ hours a week is not healthy.
  • Seek out a role model.
  • Pay attention to your health.
  • Minimize toxic people in your life.
  • Spend time alone meditating, drawing, doing yoga or just simply relaxing.
  • Set aside quality time for family and friends.
  • Treat yourself to something enjoyable, facial, pedicure, movies or a nice dinner.
  • Take a vacation and explore the states or other countries if you can.
  • Expand your awareness, go back to school or take a fun class.
  • Simplify your life.

Laugh, joke, play and have a sense of humor because life is short.

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