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Balance Your Life, AToN’s 5th Foundation

Balance in Life and Recovery

Balance Your Life, AToN’s 5th Foundation

Balance in Life and RecoveryWe can strive for balance, looking for middle ground.

We need balance between work and play, between thinking and feeling, between giving and receiving. Caring for our physical health and our spiritual health.

A balanced life looks like paying attention to both professional life and personal life. There are times when we may have to put more effort in at work when the load tends to grow. And when our relationships need more nurturing we may need to place more energy in the direction of our friends and families, as to not lose sight of what is important at home as well.

When we rediscover our values in recovery it is important to make time to create balance.

Whether it’s recovery time, friends, work, love, fitness, playtime, family, education, spiritual time or alone time. Making time to give attention to our needs is important to have balance.

If we get out of balance we will know, we will usually feel it, and can seek within to have guidance to get back to center.

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