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Barbiturate Addiction

Barbiturate addiction has been proven to cause short-term and long-term effects that can be fatal.

Barbiturates are a variety of drugs that operate as central nervous system depressants triggering a wide range of effects, from mild sedation to total anesthesia. Prescribed as sedatives, anesthetics, or seizure treatments, these drugs were once widely used. However, they are now controversial because of the abuse and addiction issues.

It is difficult to determine the correct barbiturate dosage to prescribe to a patient. This is dangerous because a lethal dose of the drugs is not much higher than some approved doses. Barbiturates are also highly addictive even at safe doses, and the higher the level a patient takes, the more addicted he becomes.

The effects of barbiturate addiction can devastate many areas of an addict’s life. The obvious physical and mental implications are problems with vision, lack of coordination, chronic fatigue, vertigo, respiratory disorders and even sexual dysfunction. Infants exposed to barbiturates while in the womb may suffer with difficulty in breathing. Even breast milk can transmit barbiturates.

If you or a loved one is struggling with Barbituate addiction, AToN Center’s private drug rehab offers a multitude of programs that can help you, including our 12 Step, SMART Recovery and Non-12 Step rehab programs.