Be Joyful

Be Joyful

Sometimes we need a little help learning how to embrace joy in where we are at. Being in treatment over the holidays can be challenging. Finding gratitude in the midst of a trying time is something that may not come natural. Some would say we who are afflicted with substance misuse disorders are looking for any reason to drink and use again, well the Holidays are a great one! If we can learn to be joyful in all we have we may have a better chance at staying sober over the holidays.

Some of the thoughts we can embrace are:

“This is one holiday I will remember”

“I get to spend this time with people I am really enjoying getting to know”

“This is my new family and I am creating new sober traditions”

“I am safe for the holiday and will not have to regret my actions this year! “

“My family will be so happy to have me as a sober member, this is the best gift I could give them.”
Some of these statements might be difficult to grasp but in creating joy we need to learn new patterns of thinking that work for our new sober life.

So Joy to the world and to all who dwell in it! 


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