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…because today hasn’t happened yet…

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…because today hasn’t happened yet…

...because today hasn't happened yet...

When working with the residents here at AToN Center we discuss a variety of distorted thought patterns that can lead to emotional disregulation and dysfunctional behaviors. Specifically, we talk about “future tripping” which is when a person predicts that the future will not go well and then acts accordingly. A person in early recovery may have thoughts like “I’m probably going to relapse anyway” or “I could never get a year sober” or “why would I delude myself to believe I could get my act together?”

All of these statements evidence the same faulty logic. They predict things won’t go well which in essence gives one permission to go ahead and fulfill that negative prophecy. The truth is that there is always a chance that things won’t work out AND(!) there is always a chance that it just might. Look at today.

Look at this moment right now as you read these words. The truth is that today hasn’t happened yet and you are in a position of power to influence which direction it might take. Today can always be a day that you maintain your progress, keep dedicated and stay sober.

Go get it.

Dr. Chad K. Cox Psy

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