Beware the Curve Ball In Recovery
Beware the Curve Ball In Recovery

Beware the Curve Ball In Recovery

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Beware the Curve-ball

In teaching Psychology skills at the AToN center to prevent relapse, I often help residents identify specific situations they have experienced in the past that lead to relapse. People in recovery can often anticipate seeing the friend you used to drink with, avoiding the neighborhood where you bought drugs, the family member that “drives you to drink.”

However, beware of the curve-ball. In working on maintaining recovery there is likely to be a incident or issue that you did not see coming. Could be an old acquaintance contacting you, a sudden loss of business, a car accident or sprained knee. All of a sudden you are in a novel situation that you did not anticipate and it is threatening your recovery.

In taking a skill based approach to recovery the good news is that once these skills are learned, practiced and implemented you will be much more prepared for the different contingencies that can occur. You may not always know what tactics the addiction will use to try to bring you back into its grasp, but you will have many more tools and tactics at your disposal.
Chad K. Cox, PsyD
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