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Breaking Unhealthy Habits: A Buddhist Approach

Breaking Unhealthy Habits: A Buddhist Approach

Breaking Unhealthy Habits: A Buddhist Approach

Buddhism teaches how we may end suffering. In Alcoholics Anonymous, this goal is summarized succinctly as: uncover, discover, and (then) discard the unhealthy habits that create our suffering.  In Cutting the Chains of Karma: How to Change Negative Habits in 5 Steps Buddhist author David Nictern shares his insight on the power of Mindfulness and Mediation to help bring an end to suffering.  This Buddhist approach may help you if you are suffering from triggers and cravings and wish to prevent relapse. Read the following article for more details.


David Nictern’s suggested 5 Steps (Recognition, Interrupting, Changing Habits, Dissolving, and Transforming) help explain the importance of awareness, effort and wisdom that Mindfulness and Meditation provide. By practicing meditation and Mindfulness throughout our day, we have the power to end our suffering through practicing David’s 5 Steps. For those in recovery, using these practices daily may provide greater resilience to preventing relapse.

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