Building Motivation for Continued Care
Motivation for Continued Care

Building Motivation for Continued Care

Building Motivation for Continued Care

At AToN Center we begin building motivation the moment one enters the program. We look at many different circumstances of each individual in order to incorporate not only a unique individualized treatment plan but a solid discharge plan as well. As residents are here for only 30 days we need to begin right away to see what would be most helpful to sustain early recovery as they leave AToN Center and enter back into the world.

We understand that the first 90 days of sobriety is crucial and delicate and needs much attention in order to have success in recovery.  We also work closely with resources for referrals in and out of the area to properly navigate a plan that will best fit an individual. We work hard at empowering our residents to explore and research options to develop  a solid plan.

As our residents are getting ready to leave our program they have a better understanding of their needs as well as what is available for them to support their recovery. We also continue to work with our residents in our Aftercare program and are available when needed to help navigate some of the challenges as well as celebrate the successes along the way.

I am proud to be a part of such an amazing team that works so closely together with our residents to build motivation for continued maintenance of the hard work they put in here at AToN Center.

Kristin Colton CATC II
Chemical Dependency Counselor
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