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Building Sober Relationships


Building Sober Relationships

san-diego-2016-posterAt AToN, we tend to get quite a few “first timers” in treatment.  Many of these first timers come face to face with many new realizations as they begin their recovery.  One major challenge facing many is seriously examining your social circle and identifying who will be an asset to you as you take on this new life.

It’s not uncommon for the realization that this list is a very short list – and this often leaves people feeling hopeless.  AToN hopes to assist you in creating a new social network that is supportive of the life changes you are making.  While at AToN Center, you will have the opportunity to attend small groups on a daily basis with people who are battling many similar issues that you are – you will have the opportunity to create a new “team” in your life!

You also will have the option to attend differing types of meetings in the community – SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery and 12 Step meetings are regularly offered.  AToN also has a Aftercare Group which meets on Saturdays.  These AToN Alumni are happy, fun and wise.  Who doesn’t want people like that in their corner?  AToN also offers quarterly events for Alumni – and AToN Staff attends as well.  The next event is a 6K (http://heroesinrecovery.com/heroes6k/san-diego-ca/) where you will be able to bond with others in recovery – all for a good cause!

If you are looking to begin a new chapter in your life, please contact us!  If you are an Alumnus – please join us on November 12th for the Heroes In Recovery 6k!

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