Burning Bridges

Burning Bridges

Burning Bridges in Addiction Recovery

We can look back on our addiction and see how it took some time and work to build up the life that supports our addiction. 

In recovery this is going to take some effort as well!

The illusion (people, places and things) that makes drinking and using easy, seem normal, and acceptable need to be smashed and burned. Sometimes it is as simple of walking away and not returning to old playgrounds but sometimes it takes more than that.

– Changing your phone number
– Deleting contacts or blocking
– Contacting connections to doctors or services and letting them know you are entering recovery and not to supply certain medications any longer.
– Getting rid of paraphernalia and rituals that trigger use

The old lifestyle took some time to build and it also takes time to create the new. As we meet people in recovery, connecting new phone numbers, picking up the phone and making plans all helps to build new bridges to this new lifestyle that seems so bleak. As we nurture new relationships the old tend to fall away.

If we fail to do this we may be tempted to reach back out to people who are unhealthy.
The road of recovery has many turns and bumps, there may be traffic and set backs along the way.
The bridges we build to freedom and burn to destruction will enable the new life in recovery to emerge safely.

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