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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center San Diego, California

Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center San Diego,CaliforniaThere is no “one size fits all” solution to alcohol or drug addiction. Each person is unique, and thus has different needs with regard to drug or alcohol treatment.

AToN Center’s luxury rehab provides drug and alcohol rehab programs tailored to suit the individual needs of patients in California and other locations throughout the country While the 12-Step and SMART Recovery® models are effective at alcohol and drug treatment, we believe that clients will benefit more from an approach that integrates the two modalities and incorporates the best practices from each.

And with a comprehensive approach to alcohol and drug rehab, we also provide holistic healing services that include yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and hypnotherapy, among others, to support our clients’ recovery goals at our luxury rehab.

AToN Center is staffed with skilled psychologists as well as drug and alcohol counselors who provide expert drug and alcohol treatment. Located in an idyllic two-acre hilltop estate outfitted with fine amenities, our drug and alcohol rehab center offers the ideal location for healing and recovery.

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Private Addiction Treatment San Francisco Residents

San Francisco Residence TreatmentAToN Center uses a comprehensive approach to drug and alcohol treatment, integrating various best practice methods to support our patient’s recovery goals. The private rehab programs equip clients from San Francisco, and other locations throughout the country, with the tools necessary to live a sober life.

AToN’s private drug rehab and California addiction treatment center is known for its integration of 12 Step, non-12 Step and SMART Recovery® methods, as well as a variety of alternative treatments, medical interventions, holistic addiction treatment methods, and individual and group therapies. Our California addiction treatment programs are designed to provide individualized care – with a maximum of 24 clients, 6 per residence at a time admitted into our private drug rehab. We also encourage family therapy as part of alcohol or drug treatment to enable families to come together and begin the healing process.

We believe that for our San Diego addiction treatment program to be truly effective, clients need to be removed from their surroundings and routines associated with their addiction and placed in a safe and healthy environment. AToN Center offers the ideal location for those recovering from alcohol or drug addiction – situated on a private hilltop estate in San Diego County.

Aside from providing luxury rehab amenities and services that promote healing and sobriety, we also employ highly qualified addiction psychologists, counselors, and staff to implement our drug and alcohol rehab programs.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facility Santa Barbara Residents

Santa Barbara Drug RehabCommitted to helping clients achieve sobriety, AToN Center offers a unique approach to drug and alcohol rehab.

By integrating the 12-Step and SMART Recovery® models, as well as holistic services, alternative treatments,medical interventions, and individual and group therapies, we aim to provide a highly individualized drug or alcohol treatment for people from Santa Barbara CA and other locations throughout the country.

AToN’s drug and alcohol treatment center believes that a cookie cutter solution to alcohol or drug addiction is not as effective as a comprehensive approach. Through collaboration with existing alcohol and drug treatment providers, we aim to help clients achieve their recovery goals. Our alcohol and drug rehab programs are designed to meet each individual’s unique needs and situation.

Located along the Pacific Ocean, AToN Center offers a safe and idyllic location for drug and alcohol treatment. Drug and alcohol rehab are administered by expert psychologists and counselors, as well as a qualified team of personal trainers, hypnotherapists, and yoga instructors.

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