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Why Am I Grieving After Substance Use?

If we are getting treatment for substance use, we have obviously made a good choice for our lives. Things seem to be going fairly well as we progress in treatment, and then suddenly, we are hit with this powerful sense …

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Moving On: The Inherent Grief of Leaving Your Old Life

With the new year on the horizon, many are evaluating their lives and preparing to make resolutions. There is not a better time to evaluate our own lives, our relationship with substance use, and what we want our future to …

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Addiction and Grief

Addiction and Grief

Grief encompasses a person’s response to loss. Usually grief is thought of as a response to death, but people also grieve the loss of possessions, hopes that never materialized, or pretty much anything else that is lost – including an …

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Balance in Life and Recovery

Allowing the Loss

When one transitions from active addiction into recovery there is an amount of loss and gain that is happening. As we allow the loss to take place, we honor all that is lost, make meaning out of the situation, and try …

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