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Alcohol and Health

Alcohol is a major depressant and its biggest effect is on the central nervous system.  Alcohol interacts with the receptors, neurotransmitters, cell membranes, enzymes and even the genes.  The breakdown of alcohol is a multi-step process, and the first step …

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Social Anxiety without the “Social Lubricant”

In our culture it is so easy to make alcohol – or any other substance – into a “social lubricant.” We can get used to thinking we need a drink just to be okay with being around people, especially if …

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Relapse Prevention and Abstinence Self–Efficacy

Some researchers in the field of addictive behaviors have focused on the concept of “Abstinence self–efficacy”, which is defined as the confidence to abstain from using alcohol or drugs in different situations. Multiple research studies have identified increased abstinence self–efficacy …

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Nurturing Your Investment in Recovery

The decision to enter treatment for substance abuse is a commitment. It represents a commitment of time, energy and money. Your recovery will need to be nurtured over time if you truly want it to be lasting. One way of …

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Safe and Sober for Halloween - Tips from All About Interventions

Safe and Sober for Halloween – Tips from All About Interventions

Halloween is a fun day of the year.  Here are some tips from Louise Stanger ED.D at “All About Interventions”  to make sure you have a safe and sober Halloween:   How can you do yourself (and everyone else) a favor …

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