get honest with yourself

Getting Honest

How Our Lies Impact Our Recovery Honesty is the antithesis of addiction. As we use substances, it may be difficult for us to identify the truth. Addiction rarely exists without lies, and lies help keep us in our addiction, creating a destructive cycle of dishonesty and substance...

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How Can I Love Myself Again?

Substance use can damage us in ways we never anticipated. On the surface, there are behaviors we exhibit and the mistakes we make cost us our finances, jobs, and relationships. We feel the changes in our bodies and our minds. The most significant damage, however,...

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Trust in Addiction Recovery

Building Trust

In a relationship affected by substance use, trust is one of the largest casualties. Loved ones often go through significant worry and anxiety while an addicted person is using. Not only that, but they have often been lied to, concealed from, or even had their...

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