finding peace

How Can I Find Peace Again?

Substance use can be filled with chaos and uncertainty, not unlike the world we live in. We become accustomed to living in constant stress and turmoil. Whether it is at work, in our relationships with our friends, our family, our partners, or even in our...

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fear of change

Why Am I Afraid to Be Healthy?

Many of us do things that are irrational. For example, why is it that those of us with food allergies often have cravings for the very foods we are allergic to? Or why is it that we are more attracted to people who are not...

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Changing the Culture of Alcohol

Different cultures and groups of people have different belief systems and practices when it comes to alcohol. Those of us who have used substances, particularly alcohol, may have experienced a lot of familial, cultural, or social pressure to drink. That pressure can be very real....

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