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Addiction and Grief

Addiction and Grief

Grief encompasses a person’s response to loss. Usually grief is thought of as a response to death, but people also grieve the loss of possessions,

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Women & Alcohol Abuse

Women and Alcohol

Women differ from men in many ways, and the way that they metabolize alcohol is no exception.  When we drink alcohol the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase

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Meeting Of Support Group for Recovery

Community Meetings

Social support in early recovery has been proven to be a huge help in a transition from a life of addiction to a life of

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Medical Marijuana

When physicians choose to prescribe most medications they do so based on the overall clinical picture of the patient. If a patient has diabetes, for

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There Are No Addicts

One can easily argue that this country’s drug problem is as bad today as it’s ever been. The number of Americans with a diagnosable Substance

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Frustration Tolerance

Frustration tolerance is generally defined as one’s ability to manage discomfort.  If a person has low frustration tolerance, they may be more at risk for

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