Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome

When residents enter into treatment, often they fear the physical withdrawal symptoms and forget about the emotional and psychological withdrawal symptoms that can make long-term sobriety so difficult.   These emotional and psychological symptoms comprise the second stage of withdrawal, called “Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome” or P.A.W.S....

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Living a Balanced Life

An addictive personality refers to a particular set of personality traits that make an individual predisposed to addictions. People who are substance dependent are characterized by: A physical or psychological dependency that negatively affects their quality of life. They are frequently connected with substance abuse; however, people...

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AToN Center’s 6 Foundations of Recovery

In an effort to eliminate the presence of self-destructive and maladaptive behaviors, we subscribe to these basic principles:  AToN Center's 6 Foundations of Recovery:  1. Maintain motivation: AToN Center believes that motivation can be built rather than it needing to already exist prior...

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