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An important part of treatment is to learn how to manage cravings when they occur.  Cravings can be characterized as an intense desire to use a substance that can feel almost impossible to withstand.  Fortunately, if you have learned coping …

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Managing Stress And Relapse Prevention

At AToN Center, we acknowledge the importance of taking care of the mind and as well as the body in an effort to maximize our resident’s quality of life. Research suggests that stress is an important risk factor for the …

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Helps with Depression and Anxiety

 Depression and anxiety are the chief areas that one addresses when entering a high quality residential treatment facility.  At AToN Center, we specialize in using multiple evidence-based approaches to help our residents. Depression and anxiety are chief among the host …

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Importance of Biofeedback

One of the treatment modalities offered at AToN Center is Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback.  Many of our residents avail themselves of this training and have reported it to be a wonderful addition to their relapse prevention plans.     A …

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