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Breathwork meditation


Breathwork is an Ancient Active Breathing Practice used for healing blocks or stuck energy by moving the breath through physical, emotional or spiritual challenges. The breath bypasses the intellect and takes you on a journey where you are able to …

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Belly Breathing: Helps with Stress

Belly Breathing: Helps with Stress

Diaphragmatic breathing (DB) has become a staple intervention in the treatment of anxiety disorders, stress-related conditions and addictions. The diaphragm – a sheet of muscle connected to the base of the lungs – is a key muscle in the breathing …

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Yoga - Holistic Healing


Pranayama is a Sanskrit word meaning, “breathe control.”  It is one of the eight limbs of yoga outlined in the Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali which serves as the foundational text for a yoga practice.  Pranayama is used to control the …

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The field of Positive Psychology has focused on how to increase happiness and well being.  In studying “naturally happy” people, researchers have found that these people possess the following characteristics:  Optimism, gratitude, service.   Positive Psychology researchers have focused on applying …

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