Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Joint Commission and Evidence Based Practices vs. Evidence Based Practice

AToN Center is Joint Commission Accredited – which is considered to be a designation that sets us apart from other treatment programs.  Recently, the Joint Commission discussed the difference between "Evidence Based Practices” and “Evidence Based Practice.”   In order to not bore you with the...

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Helps with Depression and Anxiety

 Depression and anxiety are the chief areas that one addresses when entering a high quality residential treatment facility.  At AToN Center, we specialize in using multiple evidence-based approaches to help our residents. Depression and anxiety are chief among the host of emotions that one typically...

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Our thoughts are powerful.  So powerful, that an entire style of therapy has been centered around how we identify and manage our thoughts.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an evidenced based treatment for substance dependence, and AToN's curriculum is centered on this treatment.  Our residents learn...

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