What is Detox Like?

Detoxification – A Necessary First Step Toward Sobriety There is only one way to get sober and that is to get sober! In other words, those who want to enjoy a life in recovery simply must stop drinking alcohol or taking drugs. There is no way...

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Dangers of Alcohol Withdrawal

[caption id="attachment_4183" align="alignleft" width="258"] Nelsan Ellis, acclaimed actor on the HBO series “True Blood”, died of heart failure stemming from symptoms of alcohol withdrawal[/caption] Alcohol withdrawal is a dangerous condition that can occur in chronic drinkers who abruptly stop or even significantly reduce their alcohol consumption....

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Heroin and Opioid Detox

Detoxification from substances involves your body cleansing itself. After prolonged use of opioids, the brain and the body have changed to feel like they need opioids to feel normal. The detox process involves your body finding its balance again. Symptoms of opioid withdrawal start within the...

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