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Let go and Keeping Focus in Recovery

Letting Go

Improvement often means letting go of old assumptions and thoughts.  A person in the midst of their addiction may cling tightly to ineffective and dysfunctional

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Important Factors When Seeking Treatment for Addiction

Agreeing with the Critic

When a person is in their active addiction they often find blunt and tactless ways of sustaining their use. Defensiveness can be a significant problem

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Persistence in Addiction Recovery


The residents I work with at AToN Center are most frequently in a very early state of recovery and are feeling physically, emotionally and mentally

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Who can you tell?

When getting into recovery it can be a difficult choice as to who you are going to include in your sobriety. There may also be

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Motivation for Sobriety

In the early stages of recovery it can be difficult to sort out your motivation for treatment.  Your addiction may be like many others where

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