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Internal & External Triggers

Triggers can be feelings, experiences, people, places, and things that you associate with your drinking or drug use. There are different types of triggers: internal,

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Creativity in Sobriety

An initial challenge that many face in getting sober is the vacuum of time and energy which presents itself when no longer occupied by an

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Codependency and Addiction

Those suffering from addiction often also suffer from codependency. This is a familiar dynamic to family members and loved ones of the substance abuser and

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The Big Change

Often in my work with clients at the AToN center it starts to dawn upon them that sobriety is more than just “not drinking or

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Imagine Sobriety

There is a fascinating phenomenon I often observe in clients at the AToN Center as they progress in their drug and alcohol treatment in California.

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Anger and Blame

Often in my work with addiction at our drug and alcohol treatment center in San Diego, I see clients fall into traps with anger and

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Burning Bridges

We can look back on our addiction and see how it took some time and work to build up the life that supports our addiction.  In

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Bridges In the counseling that I provide as a Psychologist at the AToN Center I am often looking for the connections between the skills that

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