Can Polysubstance Abuse Be Treated?

Treatment for substance use can be tricky, as it requires a combination of mental, emotional, and physical approaches to recover. Adding a second substance makes it harder to treat, and when we have been using multiple substances or suffer from polysubstance abuse, we make things...

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Internal & External Triggers

Triggers can be feelings, experiences, people, places, and things that you associate with your drinking or drug use. There are different types of triggers: internal, external, and sensory triggers. All three usually work together to create a craving. INTERNAL TRIGGERS are feelings that people have...

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Hope in Recovery

Recovery means facing the things one has been running from, drinking away, using over, and avoiding somehow for many years. It's viewed often as the hardest thing one does, let go of the vices that seem to make life tolerable. As a counselor at AToN Center...

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