fear of change

Why Am I Afraid to Be Healthy?

Many of us do things that are irrational. For example, why is it that those of us with food allergies often have cravings for the very foods we are allergic to? Or why is it that we are more attracted to people who are not...

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Changing the Fear Factor

Whoever coined the phrase “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself” clearly never faced the paralyzing decision to seek treatment for addiction. On the one hand, we are often faced with this decision when we feel like we have absolutely nothing to lose. But there...

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Stages of Recovery

The progression of alcoholism and addiction usually passes through several declining stages before an individual makes the decision to enter treatment. What might have started as a path to increase socialization and well-being often can lead to a solitary and lonely existence. This isolation can even...

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Working towards the magic of recovery

Magic Of Recovery

There's a magic I've learned over the years. It happens when I feel my fear. My life changes. I become empowered to move on. Barricades I have not been able to penetrate crumble and disappear. And all I had to do was simply face and feel...

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