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Exposure Outings During Residential Treatment AToN

Exposure Outings During Residential Treatment

Residential treatment can oftentimes feel like a “bubble.” Because our residents are under 24 hour supervision and accompanied every time they leave campus – along with the healing that takes place in treatment – we can underestimate the strength of …

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5 Ways To Get And Stay Sober in 2018

1. Get Motivated! Building internal motivation is critical for long-term sobriety. You have to want to be sober. One simple tool to help increase motivation is a Cost Benefit Analysis. Try making a list of the benefits and costs of using …

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Affirmations are like self-commands that we give ourselves daily. They are assertions that something exists and is true. For an affirmation to work it needs to be in the present tense, positive and specific. The affirmation above is one of …

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Living a Balanced Life

An addictive personality refers to a particular set of personality traits that make an individual predisposed to addictions. People who are substance dependent are characterized by: A physical or psychological dependency that negatively affects their quality of life. They are frequently …

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AToN Center’s 6 Foundations of Recovery

In an effort to eliminate the presence of self-destructive and maladaptive behaviors, we subscribe to these basic principles:  AToN Center’s 6 Foundations of Recovery:  1. Maintain motivation: AToN Center believes that motivation can be built rather than it needing to …

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