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Why Eating Healthy Helps Us Heal

As children, we are told to eat our vegetables. Depending on our upbringing, our grasp of nutrition has hopefully become a little more sophisticated since then. We know that eating a well-balanced diet with correct portions helps us to feel …

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Invest in Your Diet

We often talk about eating healthier, eating more nutritiously, and making healthy choices. Sometimes, we might even look at ingredients or calories in an attempt to be more conscious of portion size or the balance of our meals. But what …

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An Apple a Day…

In treatment at the AToN Center there is often some time given to addressing healthy eating as a part of recovery.  Many residents have shared their own negative experiences with their diets while in the midst of their addiction.  Some …

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Chez AToN opened at the beginning of the month

Chez AToN opened at the beginning of the month and we could not be more proud! It will serve many purposes at AToN Center but its primary use will be as a cafeteria and kitchen for the delectable meals prepared by …

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