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Why Eating Healthy Helps Us Heal

As children, we are told to eat our vegetables. Depending on our upbringing, our grasp of nutrition has hopefully become a little more sophisticated since then. We know that eating a well-balanced diet with correct portions helps us to feel …

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why we recover

Why We Recover

Certain things can shock us into reality, such as a DUI or arrest, a car accident, our partner leaving us, the loss of a job, or physical or emotional abuse that we have inflicted on loved ones while using substances. …

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Invest in Your Diet

We often talk about eating healthier, eating more nutritiously, and making healthy choices. Sometimes, we might even look at ingredients or calories in an attempt to be more conscious of portion size or the balance of our meals. But what …

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Why Do I Need a Physical Trainer?

Most people seek the help of a physical trainer to lose weight, get that ultimate beach body, or to help them prepare for a physical competition. Yet, we are looking to recover from substance abuse. Gaining the perfect BMI or …

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How Can I Be There for the People in My Life Again?

One of the ways that substance abuse impacts the people around us the most is in our inability to show up for others. Whether it is at home, with friends, or at work, time and time again we make promises, …

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Why Is Physical Activity Important?

It seems almost an oxymoron to expect someone going from abusing their bodies with substances to healthy eating and a daily fitness routine. But it is actually a very physical representation of all of the internal changes people make in …

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Self-Care: Luxury for the Soul

We surround ourselves with luxury in our lives. Homes, cars, boats, and other material things that give us comfort and joy. But then we neglect our souls. Through substance abuse, we condemn our inner selves to the existence of pain …

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What to Expect When a Loved One is in early Recovery

What to Expect When a Loved One is in early Recovery

Having a loved one in recovery from a substance use disorder can be an emotional time, and it can be helpful to know what to expect. Recovery does not occur in 30 days, it is a life-long process. In the beginning …

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An Apple a Day…

In treatment at the AToN Center there is often some time given to addressing healthy eating as a part of recovery.  Many residents have shared their own negative experiences with their diets while in the midst of their addiction.  Some …

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Dukkha: A Buddhist Approach to Ending Suffering

Buddha’s efforts over 2,600 years ago help suggest poignant ways to end our suffering. Buddha offers the Four Noble Truths that inform us of the term, Dukkha.  At first glance, Dukkha appears to mean “suffering”. However, author Joseph Goldstein takes …

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