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Creativity And Problem Solving At AToN Center

At AToN Center the residents create beautiful floral arrangements as part of a mindfulness and meditation exercise. The exercise illustrates the unique way each individual approached problem solving. Residents find the opportunity to tap into their creativity, to embrace nature …

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Community for Help with Addiction

People who come to receive treatment at AToN come from a myriad of different backgrounds and cultures.  Most share a common goal or bond, that is their desire to achieve freedom from the life damaging consequences of alcohol and drug use. …

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Nurturing Your Investment in Recovery

The decision to enter treatment for substance abuse is a commitment. It represents a commitment of time, energy and money. Your recovery will need to be nurtured over time if you truly want it to be lasting. One way of …

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Drinking and using drugs creates an artificial sense of comfort and security. We might find ourselves searching in the bottle, the medicine cabinet, or the local street corner for something to assist us in fulfilling that basic human need, to …

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Multiple Pathways

October was a busy month here at AToN’s San Diego Rehab.  We had the opportunity to serve a large number of people who had previously been struggling with the debilitating consequences of substance abuse.  We saw a great number of …

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Alternative Treatment Modalities

Many of the residents who enter treatment at AToN express a desire to explore alternate paths for achieving and sustaining recovery.  At AToN we encourage residents in this endeavor by having them examine all aspects of self; physical, mental, emotional …

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Life Story Unfolding Help in Recovery

Life Story Unfolding

Each one of our lives is a story being told. We get the unique opportunity in our story to be both author and reader, to decide how the story will unfold. Looking at life in this way can create a …

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