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Preparing for the Holidays

There’s always a lot to do in preparing for the holidays. It might be the shopping list of ingredients for the Thanksgiving Day turkey or it could also be an extensive list of what others have made requests for from …

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Multiple Pathways

October was a busy month here at AToN’s San Diego Rehab.  We had the opportunity to serve a large number of people who had previously been struggling with the debilitating consequences of substance abuse.  We saw a great number of …

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Alternative Treatment Modalities

Many of the residents who enter treatment at AToN express a desire to explore alternate paths for achieving and sustaining recovery.  At AToN we encourage residents in this endeavor by having them examine all aspects of self; physical, mental, emotional …

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Burning Bridges

We can look back on our addiction and see how it took some time and work to build up the life that supports our addiction.  In recovery this is going to take some effort as well! The illusion (people, places and …

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Preparing for the Holiday Season

With the holidays approaching there may be many emotions surfacing for those in recovery and families as well. Often people in treatment or recovery from addictions are flooded with anxiety, stress, self doubt, and loneliness when thinking of upcoming holidays. …

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New Year’s Goals

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” – Abraham Lincoln ‘Tis the season for New Year’s Resolutions. In the spirit of continued progress and growth, I’d like to send some friendly …

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Not Interfering with the Growth of Another

Surfing always gives me a great opportunity to reflect on life. Today I took a moment to reflect on relationships and the impact, positive or negative, that we can have on others with our words or our actions. A fellow …

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Bridges In the counseling that I provide as a Psychologist at the AToN Center I am often looking for the connections between the skills that are being learned and how these will be applied in the real world.  It is …

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Working towards the magic of recovery

Magic Of Recovery

There’s a magic I’ve learned over the years. It happens when I feel my fear. My life changes. I become empowered to move on. Barricades I have not been able to penetrate crumble and disappear. And all I had to …

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