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What Does Time Management Have to Do with Recovery?

Time management sounds like a presentation we would have at work. Learning to schedule our time, use our time more effectively, and use a calendar properly hardly seem like they have anything to do with treatment for substance use. What …

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Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention

With the looming threat of relapse being an occurrence amongst those in recovery, a lot of effort goes into finding better ways to prevent relapse. There are no guarantees in life, but some methods are simply more effective. One method …

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Preventing Relapse

When people make the choice to become sober, there is often a fear that they will not be able to stay sober. Recovery is not easy, though, and it includes more than just abstaining from substances. Making the commitment to …

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Relapse Can be an Opportunity for Change

Relapse Can be an Opportunity

Relapse can be a really discouraging experience. Maybe you came into treatment for the first time, thought you had it, and then…. It was much harder than you thought. Maybe life put unexpected triggers your way. Or maybe you weren’t …

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Addiction Recovery: When the Cure Seems Worse than the Disease

If you’re scared of going to rehab, you’re not alone. Fear of jumping into a sobriety program can be paralyzing for those who have relied on drugs and alcohol for months or even years. Many of our clients face mixed …

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Relapse is a Process – Not an Event

What does that mean to you?  To me, it means that relapse doesn’t “just happen.”  There are warning signs along they way – large and small.  This is why our residents are rigorously educated to be able to identify their …

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Relapse is something that not all in recovery face, but many do. There are ways to look at relapse that are harmful and some that are beneficial. At AToN Center we try to look at relapse from a perspective that …

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The Risk of Relapse After Surgeries or Injuries

As a clinician and person in long-term recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, I have witnessed people relapse after having surgery or sustaining physical injuries. The use of narcotic medications necessary in these situations often brings back “the obsession” or …

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Substances, Emotions, and Relapse

Despite the numerous negative consequences people continue to engage in addictive behaviors. They drink and take pills even when they have problems with their families, friends, employers, probably even with their pets. So why would such damaging behavior continue? The …

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Relapse Prevention Techniques in Recovery

Relapse Prevention Techniques

At AToN Center we work on looking for many different types of coping skills and how one can prevent a relapse. Prevention is one of the most difficult arenas in addiction treatment as most people say that when they had …

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