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The Greatest Love

At the time of the year when love is being celebrated, there is a lot of commercialization surrounding what love is or how to show

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Asking for Help in Recovery

Asking for Help

It can be very difficult to ask for help, even when you know you need it. People often go through shame, fear, anger, disappointment, and

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Hitting Rock Bottom for Recovery

Rock Bottom?

There is a long-held belief in the field of addiction services that people need to “bottom out” before treatment can and will help. The idea

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Building Self Esteem and Recovery

Building Self-Esteem

When you are suffering with low-self-esteem you need to identify the root cause of your low self-esteem. Could it be?  loneliness bullying poor academic performance

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Internal & External Triggers

Triggers can be feelings, experiences, people, places, and things that you associate with your drinking or drug use. There are different types of triggers: internal,

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