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Sober Activities in the Summer

10 Sober Summer Activities

Summer is just about here! This is the time that the sun is out, things start to warm up, and people tend to spend more time out and about. So as you think about how to spend your summer, here …

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Balance Your Life in Recovery

Balance Your Life

One of the six foundations of recovery as taught at AToN Center is to Balance Your Life. Having balance and a healthy lifestyle includes having fun! Whether it be a creative outlet, the great outdoors, playing sports or just hanging …

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Tips for Staying Sober During the Holidays

Tips for Staying Sober During the Holidays

One of the joyous aspects about recovery is that you get to redesign your life in a way that beings you the most peace and happiness.  The holiday season can throw a lot of wrenches into the works and we …

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Creativity in Sobriety

An initial challenge that many face in getting sober is the vacuum of time and energy which presents itself when no longer occupied by an addiction.  While in the thralls of using and abusing substances this can become the primary …

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Sober Summer Fun!

The idea of summer fun can be scary for those who are new in recovery. Many of the events in the summer including parties, bbq’s, and vacations where others are drinking and using substances which can often be a trigger …

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Smoking Cessation During Recovery

In my experience working at AToN Center, a residential drug and alcohol treatment facility, I was initially skeptical about the inclusion of smoking cessation program this early in treatment. I had believed in a perspective that quitting smoking might be “too …

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Breaking Ties With Bad Influences

In working with residents at AToN Center, part of our curriculum is dedicated to addressing the social circumstances that may have promoted or enabled our residents ongoing addictions.  Humans are designed to form connections with others and breaking these ties, …

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Happy St Patrick’s Day From AToN Center

Since arriving in this country in the mid-nineteenth century, the Irish have carved out a large niche for themselves. The annual celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in this country, with cities large and small hosting parades to honor Celtic heritage, …

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Building Sober Relationships

At AToN, we tend to get quite a few “first timers” in treatment.  Many of these first timers come face to face with many new realizations as they begin their recovery.  One major challenge facing many is seriously examining your …

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healthy habits in Recovery

Equanimity In Recovery

Equanimity can be defined as, “mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation”. Those in recovery benefit from being mindful of their physical, mental, and emotional needs throughout the day. It is import to realize that …

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