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Celebrate Being Sober


Celebrate Sober!

Sometimes when I am leading a group with the residents at AToN Center we talk about the triggering situation of going to parties while being sober. Learning to be sober means learning how to enjoy celebrations without having to rely on substances and alcohol to be the fun. There are a multitude of coping skills a person could use in these situations. One is focusing on the people. Rather than paying attention to the drinks, try to have conversations with as many people as you can while you are there.

If you struggle with new acquaintances then practice your small talk. Find gentle, innocuous topics you can refer to such as who they know at the party or what they think of the food. Walking around with a non-alcoholic drink in your hand will also prevent other people from wanting to promptly offer you a drink. Also remember, have fun at the activity and remember that tomorrow morning is coming and you have a chance to be fresh and sober for the next day.

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