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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT as a Non-12 Step Treatment Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one of the Non-12 Step treatments utilized by the highly credentialed staff at AToN Center. The term “cognitive” refers to one’s own thoughts – meaning that CBT focuses on changing thoughts, which in turn may decrease emotional distress. When emotional distress is decreased, behaviors can also be changed. This is a goal-oriented therapy that focuses on teaching the resident how to analyze their own thought processes and allows the resident to identify if these thoughts are helpful or distracting to recovery.

CBT draws awareness to automatic thoughts that are entrenched in one’s core beliefs. Core beliefs influence the way one views the world and determine automatic thoughts that are triggered by daily life experiences. These thoughts and beliefs may be distorted and residents work with the clinical team to enable the resident to work on strategies and skills – developing more realistic, rational and positive thoughts. CBT is a powerful and evidenced-based tool for the treatment of substance misuse disorders as recommended by the American Psychological Association.

At AToN Center, residents learn the common “cognitive distortions” and apply them to their unique circumstances. They also have assistance in identifying more rational and healthy ways of thinking about their experiences. Residents learn how to complete thought records, which are an essential tool in mastering CBT. Residents also learn other techniques that often provide relief, such as the double standard technique, thinking in shades of grey, the survey method, the experimental method and several others.

Together, the clinical team and resident create and train practical coping mechanisms and skills to use in real-time to prevent relapse. AToN Center combines CBT, Relapse Prevention and Assertiveness Training to give our residents the optimal tools to set them up for success. Residents are able to practice these skills during weekly exposure sessions. Once the resident has discharged from AToN Center, they will be able to access the CBT skills they learned throughout their lifetime.

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