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Coping with Panic Attacks, Mindfully

Coping with Panic Attacks, Mindfully

Coping with Panic Attacks, MindfullyPanics attack may come suddenly and feel terrifying. They often leave us feeling very alone, isolated and very afraid. Panic attacks may be caused by perceived fear, worry or trauma. For those in recovery from addiction it is essential to be extremely cautious when responding to increased anxiety, depression or panic attacks.

Mindfulness practices offer the person in recovery a protocol to turn to when feeling a panic attack. This article from Mindful (https://www.mindful.org/4-ways-curb-panic-attack/) offers Four Mindfulness Tips for healthy coping skills when feeling overwhelmed by a panic attack. Included in this article is a free, 5-Minute Guided Breathing Meditation.

At AToN Center, residents learn and practice Mindfulness coping skills to use when the effects of guilt, shame, anxiety, fear or panic are recognized. Using coping skills like these help the suffering individual deal effectively with their feelings while remaining sober.

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