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Cross Addiction, Other Substances or Behaviors

Alternative Therapies in Recovery

Cross Addiction, Other Substances or Behaviors

Cross Addiction, Other Substances or Behaviors

Often people will seek treatment with a desire to stop the most problematic substance, not wanting to address other substances or problematic behaviors. This often becomes an issue due to relapse of the original substance or the potential for more difficulties with other substances or the rise of other behaviors known as process addiction.

For example many people may plan to stop using opiates but would like to continue using marijuana or they are aware of alcohol being problematic however believe they will still be able to use benzodiazepines for anxiety. Also common are examples of where one might plan to abstain from alcohol or other substances but still may be engaging in high risk sexual activities, gambling, or workaholism which potentially could become stressful in recovery.

It is helpful to examine all of these substances as well as potential behaviors and to honestly look to seek balance and safety for one who is entering into recovery to bring awareness and set appropriate boundaries when needed.

At AToN center we treat cross-addictions and process addictions with many evidence based therapies such as CBT, DBT, EMDR, Mindfulness, Holistic therapies and Stress management. We also bring residents to 12 Step meetings, Smart, and Refuge Recovery Community meetings to find support and solutions for cross addictions. Many find Group Therapy and Individual Therapy to be helpful in identifying these other potential issues as well as building motivation for change if needed.

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