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Depression & Addiction, Co-Occurring Treatment

Depression, Addiction, Co-occuring Treatment

Depression & Addiction, Co-Occurring Treatment

Depression and Addiction.  Both depression and addiction can be complicated conditions and when they occur at the same time either and both can exasperate a person’s sense of dysphoria and discomfort.  These conditions are multifaceted in that they are related to genetics, environment, medical, social, and spiritual concerns.

Often the simplest way to start to address these issues though is to work on the most concrete concern regarding the addiction itself.  Some clients I have worked with are happy to report that much of their mood struggles relate back to the roller coaster of emotions caused by their substance problems.  They are relieved to see that what they thought was “depression” as in fact substance induced and goes into remission with sobriety.  This could happen as quickly as with in a few days of detox but for others may take a few weeks or months.

However a simple answer that being sober will cure depression is not accurate for many.  The removal of the “self-medicating” can reveal and underlying and persistent depression that is an entity all to itself.  A person whose depression is not adequately addressed in early recovery could prompt a person to want to return back to the mood altering substances in the first place.  The bad news is that there are no short term solutions that can provide the kind of immediate relief that drugs and alcohol with out catastrophic consequences.  The good news is that engaging in the healthy behaviors that promote recovery from substances are also likely to have a positive effect on depression as well.  Improving socialization, attending to medical/psychiatric concerns, eating well and exercising can all help one to feel better over time.

Also researching depression specific treatments can be very effective in giving the problem attention while also preventing relapse.  Remember depression will often alter your thinking in a distorted fashion.  The truth is that it can take effort but there is a way to recovery both from addiction and depression.

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