Developing Inner Strength with Pema Chodron
SMART Recovery as a Treatment Model

Developing Inner Strength with Pema Chodron

Meditation Skills for the Advanced Meditation Practitioner

Buddhist Monk, Pema Chodron is a leading expert on using one’s inner strength to help defuse suffering. In this exciting lecture (, Pema leads the listener through the advanced meditation practice of Tonglen. Tonglen is an ancient Buddhist practice that is often referred to as, The Lion’s Roar.

Meditation Skills for the Advanced Meditation Practitioner

Toglen, as explained and narrated by Pema is suggested for advanced practitioners of meditation which invites the practitioner to remember trauma, or other events that generated suffering and to diffuse the energy that has culminated in guilt, shame, and/or remorse. Toglen is called the Lion’s Roar because it reminds the individual that their inner strength is more powerful than the residue of any action or inaction than generated suffering.

Pema also helps the practitioner of Tonglen understand that fear manifests itself as guilt and shame. Moreover, we are reminded here that one need to be very mindful of one’s actions when one attaches to or avoids processing the energy that is manifested while in the emotional state of guilt and shame.  The listener to this exciting presentation is invited to partake in a brief Tonglen sitting meditation. I advise only advanced meditation practitioners to partake in this guided meditation as its power lies in the ability of the individual to sit in and explore one’s source or suffering.  For many in early recovery, this process may feel very overwhelming and triggering.

At AToN Center, we incorporate many holistic and therapeutic practices that help each client. I hope that this article helps you as you gather resources to help relieve suffering and prevent relapse.

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