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One of my favorite books in the world is a very small one.  Its call Dhammapada: The Sayings of the Buddha. This small piece of glorious literature and poetry consolidates very powerful messages of peace and enlightenment into a pint size form.  At times I have worked with residents who have tried again and again to get sober with many different kinds of treatment and still find themselves starting over and over.  To them I like to read from the section of this book called “The Thousands”:  

Better than a hundred years of mischief
Is one day spent in contemplation.
Better than a hundred years of ignorance
is one day spent in reflection
Better than a hundred years of idleness
Is one day spent in determinination
Better to live one moment, in the moment
Of the way beyond the way



No matter how long you’ve been using and drinking, there is still hope that you can have the next day sober.  
All the Best,
Chad K. Cox PsyD
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