Doing What Works
Doing What Works

Doing What Works

Doing What Works One aspect of treatment at the AToN Center that sets us apart from other centers is that we value SMART Recovery, 12 Step and other approaches of community support.  AToN Center takes a unique approach by offering residents the opportunity to identify what kind of modalities will work for them.  I often remind our residents that what “works” for others, may or may not “work” for them, and I encourage them to explore different support groups to define their own recovery.  
The SMART Recovery Facilitator’s Manual states, “We recognize that there are many ways to recover, and we do not insist upon any one approach.  We view the choice of recovery methods as a highly personal one.”  
The AToN Center Clinical Team echoes this sentiment and invites our residents to find what “works” for them.  Some of our residents decide that they prefer 12 Step, and they may opt to work the steps at AToN.
Other residents prefer only to learn the SMART tools and have the opportunity to focus on that while in treatment.  After several years of research, it has been determined that approximately 50% of AToN graduates opt to incorporate both SMART Recovery and 12 Step approaches into their recovery.  
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Cassandra Cannon, Ph.D.
Clinical Director
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