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Doing Whatever It Takes

Doing Whatever It Takes

Doing Whatever It Takes in Recovery

Often times in early recovery there can be a desire to get back to the “important things in life.” One may start to be more aware of the consequences of drinking and using and feel a strong pull to fix these issues.  Negative feedback can come from an upset spouse mad about the distance and lack of intimacy.  Employment can be put at risk and person may want to get back to fulfilling their job requirements.  A person may even have legal, medical and relational obligations that were left aside while using but now feel as though they are urgently demanding your attention.  Doing whatever it takes means putting those responsibilities in their place relative to recovery.  

As life revolved around drugs and alcohol, a person will now need to take the time to fight the real problem.  You will need to put aside those other responsibilities as much as possible in order to focus on the hub of the wheel, you and your addiction.  The addict is central to their recovery and well intended distractions can lead a person astray from the sober path.  

Commit to having boundaries with those other issues and learn to care for your self first.

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