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Don’t Forget Your Past, Learn From It

Don't Forget Your Past, Learn From It

Don’t Forget Your Past, Learn From It

Personal Reflection

Often in my work with AToN residents we happen across the difficult issue of what perspective to take on one’s personal history.  This can either be issues related to their family of origin or mistakes that they have made during their addiction.  

Many people want to take on a “get over it” kind of attitude where they want to bury the past and just move on believing that they can muscle through their past mistakes and just not do them again.

I’ve often advocated for taking a more direct approach to one’s personal history.  The goal is not to dwell upon the past, but to learn from it.  You don’t want to “get over it,” you want to “get through it.”  If you take the time for personal reflection then you can learn from your experiences and prior mistakes.  It is a more difficult process to face down the past but in doing so you will become more connected and complete.

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